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Halle Berry turns 54 – ‘Life just gets better and better!’

When Halle Berry turned 54, she captioned a gorgeous photo of herself

“Life just gets better and better.”

She looked fresh and sporty as she rode a skateboard, wearing only a t-shirt and floral bikini bottoms. In a feat of perfect timing, a rainbow shone brightly in the sky behind her.

This isn’t the first time that Halle has shared images of herself skateboarding, which seems to be her new hobby

She posed in a video last year for Fitness Day, encouraging her followers to get out there and exercise, and most importantly, to “HAVE. FUN.

While many women entering their mid ’50s struggle to maintain their figures, she regularly posts photos of herself in skimpy bikinis, revealing her fantastic figure

She really looks no different than when she played Bond Girl Jinx more than 18 years ago, starring with Pierce Brosnan.

Halle enjoys playing in the great outdoors with her kids – 12-year-old daughter Nahla. with ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry, and her 6-year-old son Maceo with ex-husband Olivier Martinez. They’re certainly lucky to have such a fun mum who isn’t afraid to take up sporty new hobbies!

2020 was a big year for Halle, as her directorial debut Bruised premiered.

Premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival, last September 10 -19, the film fest featured a mix of virtual and in-person events.

In her film, in which she also stars, Halle plays an ex-MMA fighter who leaves the ring and loses custody of her little boy, and her struggle to get both back. She told Variety’s The Big Ticket With Marc Malkin that she didn’t intend to direct a film at this point in her life. “I didn’t really set out to direct it, and I set out to act in it. I read the script, and I loved it.”

She also revealed that the film was not written with a Black woman in her mid-50s in mind

“It was written, at that time, for a 22-year-old white woman, which, obviously, can’t be me. But I convinced the producers that it should be me, and why it would be more relevant in the times in which we’re living if it were me.”

While she was awarded the part, the project was still without a director

After some contemplation, Halle felt that she would be the best person for the job. “Nobody really saw the story that I saw in my head, that I kept talking to the producers about, that they loved. So, finally, we just sat down one day, and they said: ‘Why don’t you do it?’”

She was thrilled to accept, although she was initially quite nervous, worrying that she may not be up to the task

“I thought: ‘I can’t direct, this is a big acting role for me, I don’t think I should be directing as well.’ And they gave me so much confidence and helped me realise that: “But nobody understands it like you. It’s storytelling, and we definitely feel confident that you’ve got the story.”

She felt comfortable in the role and realised that she knew a lot more about filmmaking than she gave herself credit for initially. There is certainly a big buzz about this film!

Halle Berry certainly is embracing life and age is definitely not proving any barrier, in fact quite the opposite. We love her attitude and she looks incredible. A total inspiration!

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