Emme Menopause

Let’s join together to break the silence on World Menopause Day

To mark World Menopause Day emmemenopause.com is asking women across the globe to join together and start a conversation on what is a subject that is rarely discussed.

Our mission is to inform and empower all women who are going through the menopause at whatever stage of life they are at.

We want our followers to be forewarned about ‘the change’ and how to prepare mentally and physically for the ongoing transition.

Many women don’t talk about their symptoms or their mental health during one of the biggest changes in their life – we want to break the silence.

The menopause can happen to a woman at at any stage of her life, from early inset menopause in your 20s or 30s, becoming perimenopausal in your early 40s to full blown menopause in your late 40s or early 50s.

Symptoms can include hot flushes, night sweats, difficulty sleeping, foggy brain, low mood and unwanted weight gain. 

The effect of menopause can be diabetes, dementia, osteoporosis, heart disease, all due to a lack of oestrogen. Yet many women are unaware of this fact.

Being informed can help us to be proactive ahead of time rather than reactive later

Tracey Bambrough, co-founder of emmemenopause.com, said she has had many friends effected by the menopause.

She said: “A friend of mine thought she was pregnant at 38yearsold, eventually visiting her doctor for a test, but instead of being told she was having a baby, she was diagnosed as perimenopausal

She had thought she had plenty of time for children. She then went on to understand from her Mum that she had gone through early menopause at 39. How many of us have asked our mothers about this?”

Advances in science means we can now get tested to highlight where we are in the cycle of life, giving women much needed time to plan ahead and make the right choices for them.

Tracey said: “It can be invaluable to understand how we can prepare our bodies through nutrition and exercise alone. 

I was never told anything about menopause until I started getting hot flushes, digestive issues and heart palpitations.

“We believe knowledge is power which is why we have created a menopause symptom checklist which you can download so that you have everything ready for any visits with your doctor. 

“It is also worth asking if there’s a menopause expert at your practice as some doctors have only had three hours of training on menopause. You will get so much more from your appointing by being fully armed.

Emmemenopause.com believe every woman has the right to care and understanding from employers too, so we are working to advocate change in the workplace.

We want the knowledge to be out there

Let’s join together to help break the silence across countries and cultures.

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